The Spa at The Samaya Seminyak

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Discover a spa retreat like no other, where the calming embrace of our oceanfront sanctuary harmonizes with the art of relaxation. Your journey to tranquility begins with the soothing symphony of the sea.

Escape to a haven of serenity where our spa seamlessly blends with the beauty of the beach. Let the oceanfront views and therapeutic treatments create a symphony of peace for your senses.

Explore Spa at The Samaya’s wide range of signature treatments and therapies inspired by local ingredients and ancient healing aimed to match all your wellness needs.

Reconnect, relax, and rejuvenate together! Our couple’s spa package is the perfect escape to unwind and cherish your special moments.

Celebrate your love with our ‘2 Hours So In Love’ spa journey at Spa at The Samaya. Let the tranquil ambiance and expert treatments deepen your connection and rejuvenate your spirits.

Have you ever experienced a four hand massage? Two therapists massaging you at the same time for the ultimate relaxation!

Seaside serenity meets kid-friendly fun at Spa at The Samaya. Let your little ones soak up the ocean view and dive into the jacuzzi delight!